Energy-Saving Home Upgrades

That Pay for Themselves

Homeowners who want to improve the efficiency of their property should ask themselves these two related questions: which upgrades will save the most money on energy costs and which will add the most value to my house? Read about the EcoSmart Solution partner products that round out the additions to your smart home’s system.

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EcoSmart Solution offers innovative, applied strategies to harbor in zero energy ready homes as the new standard to the U.S. housing market. We drive the electrification of the energy infrastructure in Master Planned Communities. EcoSmart is further enhancing our offerings to Developers and Homebuilders in support of clean energy solutions.

Want To Learn More About Optional EcoSmart Home Upgrades?

EcoSmart Home Technology Add-ons


The number of plug-in electric cars on North American roads grows every year, EcoSmart stays ahead of the curve by offering EV Charging station as an optional built-in for all ESS homes — charged with the power of the sun, combined with Solar PV.


Using smart home technology, products are designed to optimize energy use according to each homeowner’s schedule while safeguarding their home itself, integrating more than 10,000 products. 


Powering your life with smart, clean, and safe home energy systems. Be an energy pioneer and power your home with cleaner energy, with or without solar. Born of German engineering and American ingenuity, sonnen integrates with any solar system, protects your home from outages before they happen, and stores energy for when you need it. 

Energy Management

Take command of your energy by monitoring your home’s electric use to help you save money, see what’s on or off, and even avoid disaster. Powered by a monitor that installs in your electric panel, it reads the current one million times each second and processes that data to present a whole-home view. Understanding how much energy your home is using, when and where, and gain empowerment to help you to find savings.

Interested In an Add-On

EcoSmart is Net Zero Capable. You’re ready for a home that lives, works, and lasts better. A superior, sustainable home is available today.