About EcoSmart Solution

EcoSmart Solution is a green energy services provider (Green ESP) of scalable, sustainable infrastructure for new real estate developments and retrofit solutions for existing buildings. For developers we design and deliver an innovative geothermal infrastructure combined with a comprehensive suite of distributed energy resources. For existing assets we deliver turnkey, bespoke carbon and energy reduction retrofits with benefits to owners, landlords, and tenants.

About EcoSmart Solution

A total win-win.

EcoSmart Solution has a strategic partnership with global real estate investment firm Taurus Investment Holdings (TIH) and Shell New Energies, a subsidiary of global energy leader Royal Dutch Shell. Together, we apply deep experience in financial and real estate acumen with energy technology leadership to every project we undertake. We believe that sustainable real estate investments require sustainable energy solutions.

We’re an innovative and compelling solution for both new build and retrofit projects. By transforming energy infrastructure investment into a high-value energy service and offering second to none technology; EcoSmart delivers a streamlined platform through our network of strategic partnerships in technology, consumer brands, and more, for builders to craft affordable, net zero energy capable homes.

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Why EcoSmart Does Retrofits


State and local governments are committing to meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets, while property owners confront additional legislative and financial burdens associated with greater environmental responsibility. The requirements are still evolving, and ESS Retrofit allows owners and operators to stay ahead of the environmental regulations. 

ESS’ comprehensive approach provides carbon neutral transition for the built enviornment.

Our innovative solutions improve property values, decrease utility and maitenance costs, and achieve carbon neutrality at no additional expense to owners, management, or tenants.



  • Utility and Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maitenance/Operation
  • Decarbonized Asset Standard
  • Improved Energy Resiliency
  • State-of-the-Art Energy Equipment
  • Exceeding Building Code Requirements
  • Lower Capital Reserve Costs
  • Competitive Marketing Advtantage
  • Increased NOI
ESS Retrofit Project - South Winds (Fall River, MA)
ESS Retrofit Project - Canopy Apartments (Orlando, FL)


Consumers are increasingly concerned about climate change and their own carbon footprints. Businesses and state and municipal governments representing a significant portion of the population have committed to broad greenhouse gas reduction targets. 

ESS’ cutting-edge HVAC infrastructure provides better indoor air quality and energy performance. ESS builds a path to low emissions, comfort, and efficiency.


  • Safer and Healthier Environment
  • Decarbonized Living / Working Space
  • Reduced Maitenance Interference
  • Improved Health and Comfort
  • User Friendly Energy Management

Our Values

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Helping our residents have safer and healthier lives by advancing understanding of sustainable living
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Applying innovative technologies that enable the creation
of energy-efficient communities
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Helping our
residents save
money through
earth-conscious housing
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Building a better future
for us all

Strategic Partnerships

EcoSmart is an affiliate of global investment leader Taurus Investment Holdings LLC. with a strategic partnership through Shell New Energies to create benefits for our Homeowners, Developers, and Home Builders through a revolutionary solution for creating the sustainable communities of tomorrow.
ecosmart home with solar panels

Taurus Investment Holdings

Established in 1976, Taurus is a global real estate private equity firm with over 45 years of experience as a general partner, investor, and operator. By empowering and combining the strength of in-house experts in the fields of multifamily, office, logistics, mixed-use, and renewable energy, the firm has created targeted, scalable investments into value-add, core-plus, and development opportunities. Taurus is focused on using innovative energy-efficient technologies to make the extensive infrastructure investments required to decarbonize residential and commercial buildings through its EcoSmart Solution and RENU Communities affiliates. Throughout North America and Europe, Taurus is consistently recognized as one of the premier owners of both directly managed and joint venture commercial real estate. To date, Taurus has purchased and developed more than 69 million square feet of residential, office, industrial, retail and other commercial real estate assets throughout the world with a total acquisition value of over $10 billion. www.tiholdings.com.

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Shell New Energies

Shell established its New Energies division in 2016. Shell New Energies focuses on two main areas: new fuels for transport, such as advanced biofuels and hydrogen; and power, by being involved at almost every stage of the process, from generating electricity, to buying and selling it, to supplying it directly to customers. Shell’s New Energies business is seeking to leverage the company’s strengths and invest in commercial opportunities in fast-growing parts of the energy industry, such as energy services. For more information, go to www.shell.com/newenergies.

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Environmental Impact Calculator

The greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator can help simplify large, abstract measurements into easily understandable,
concrete terms — such as the annual decarbonization equivalency of passenger vehicles, decarbonization equivalency of gasoline consumed, or decarbonization equivalency of a number of smartphones charged. Understand how choosing an EcoSmart home is the biggest impact you can make in your lifetime!


EcoSmart offers a revolutionary solution for creating the sustainable communities of tomorrow, increasing the value of your development, while offering homeowners significant energy savings and smart connected homes at an affordable price. To receive a digital, comprehensive brochure, enter your email below.