Avian Pointe (Apopka, FL)

ESS’ flagship multifamily new build project, utilizing the Floridian Aquifer with 2 GeoGrid™ loops.

Avian Pointe, located in Apopka, Florida, proudly stands as EcoSmart’s flagship multifamily new build project. Comprising 276 units across seven luxury apartment buildings, this community is a symbol of innovation and energy efficiency, setting the standard as the most energy-efficient apartment community in the state.

Pioneering the use of the Floridan Aquifer with 2 GeoGrid™ loops, Avian Pointe is Florida’s first-ever apartment community to be heated and cooled through a district geothermal system (GeoGrid™). In addition to its groundbreaking geothermal technology, the community integrates additional renewable energy solutions, including rooftop solar PV generation and LED lighting throughout, providing residents with a holistic and sustainable living experience.

Projected to avoid an impressive 809 tons of CO2 emissions annually, Avian Pointe is committed to reducing its environmental impact. By harnessing on-site renewable energy sources, the community anticipates generating an estimated 410 MWh/year through rooftop solar PV, ensuring a remarkable 30%+ reduction in energy costs for its residents.

As construction concludes, ESS now manages, maintains, and operates Avian Pointe’s GeoGrid™ system through our in-house integrated energy management and monitoring system, EcoNOC™. This comprehensive approach guarantees unparalleled energy efficiency, optimal building performance, and an exceptional living experience for the community’s residents.