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Whisper Valley, Austin, TX

EcoSmart’s vision and capabilities are demonstrated at the award-winning 2,000-acre Whisper Valley community in Austin, Texas. At full capacity, Whisper Valley includes 7,500 affordable and sustainable homes, 2 million square feet of commercial space, two schools, and the 600-acre Whisper Valley Park. Each home is connected with EcoSmart’s ultra-efficient centrally installed GeoGrid™, a community-wide geothermal loop system, installed prior to the land development process. In addition, every house includes a high-quality geothermal heat pump, a Solar PV-System, and a Smart Home technology package. Whisper Valley was voted as Green Builder Sustainable Community of 2019.

Whisper Valley Phase 1-4 Aerial

Millican Reserve,
College Station, TX

The Millican Reserve project spans 2,500 acres of residential, commercial, civic, and open space in Texas’ Brazos Valley. This development in College Station, TX has the vision to be a private sanctuary to escape 21st-century life and find wellness in the winding trails, waterfront vistas, and tranquil spaces.

Sunbridge, Orlando, FL

At Sunbridge, a whole new region is taking shape. A place of woods, water and wildlife, yet so close to Metro Orlando. Exploring big ideas. About the meaning of home. The importance of town. And the power of nature.

whisper valley neighborhood

About The GeoGrid

The heart of the EcoSmart program is the GeoGrid, a geothermal district system that uses the earth below our feet to heat and cool the home. Geothermal heat pumps reduce energy consumption for space conditioning by up to 70%. Installed during the early phases of the development, the GeoGrid becomes part of the infrastructure, similar to the community-wide water, sewer, and electric utility lines. For the underground vertical and horizontal geothermal piping, EcoSmart is using a polyethylene piping product, which comes with 50 years of warranty against any breakage.

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