Retrofit - How It Works

1. Property Assessment & Energy Analysis:

We conduct a tailored, step-by-step analysis of each building, offering energy-efficient upgrades that optimize financial returns for property owners. Our comprehensive assessment covers the building envelope, lighting, mechanical systems, appliances, and fixtures. We then build a personalized roadmap designed to meet specific carbon reduction targets and financial goals.

2. Design Study & Implementation

Our team designs improvements tailored for optimal energy efficiency and long-term durability. We oversee construction to guarantee proper installation of all improvements. Our approach considers the integration of on-site renewables, including solar panels, battery storage solutions, and our innovative geothermal system (GeoGrid™). Additionally, our in-house structured financing team evaluates available incentives and rebates, ensuring projects are financially viable and advantageous for the property.

3. Energy Management & Maitenance

After the installation of new equipment and energy infrastructure, our Energy Monitoring Platform, EcoNOC™, offers continuous monitoring of a property’s energy performance. This real-time data provides ESS and the property owner with valuable energy insights, revealing opportunities for ongoing optimization. With our deep expertise in owning and operating energy-efficient systems, we ensure maximum efficiency, performance, and minimal maitenance.