Building The Homes of The Future

Achieving sustainable housing requires an interconnected framework, incorporating the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability in equal parts. EcoSmart is helping ensure that environmental and sustainable equity are given equal attention during the planning of our sustainable housing communities. Accordingly, we join forces with diverse stakeholders who support increasing resources for holistic approaches. Together, we highlight the connections between the social, economic, and environmental dimensions while planning EcoSmart Communities.

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What We Do For Our Homebuilders

EcoSmart will design, install, and operate the community-wide GeoGrid™ without any additional costs for the Homebuilder. In addition, we design an energy management system to be installed in every home to improve energy efficiency and optimize performance; and work with the Homebuilder to evaluate home designs and floorplans to improve energy efficiency and constructability to achieve a HERS rating of 25 or less for every home built with the ESS system.

EcoSmart provides a competitively priced package of ESS system components and will provide a transferable vendor warranty to the Homebuyers for those system components.

Lastly, EcoSmart will provide a specific marketing and education strategy to support sales and after-sales services.

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What Are The Benefits Of An

EcoSmart Solution energy-efficient home?

Home Value

The ESS system increases the value of each home. Appraisers are recognizing the additional value of the Solar PV System, the integrated geothermal heating/cooling system, and the other ESS system components.


Residential lenders serving our flagship development Whisper Valley provided “green” mortgages which allow the addition of the ESS Solution components to be included in the home loan.


Homeowners receive federal, state, or local tax credits for the installed ESS system (at Whisper Valley each Homeowner received a federal tax credit of up to $10,000).

Home Energy Rating System

The energy efficiency of each home is certified using the national industry standard HERS (Home Energy Rating System). Homes with the ESS system provide a HERS rating of 25 or below. Further information is available at


Consumers are actively seeking affordable energy solutions and want to have a “green” home and lifestyle.


The value of an ESS energy-efficient home is expected to increase over time as the operating costs of the home are more predictable and less reliant on carbon-based energy production and pricing.


At the Whisper Valley community in Texas, the average investment by the Homeowner in the ESS system ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 for the service and maintenance of the GeoGrid™, each Homeowner in Whisper Valley pays a monthly ESS fee depending on the size of the home.


The additional investment yields significantly lower energy operating costs for the Homeowner. The savings are higher than the monthly ESS fee (based on HERS ratings)


For Us To Work Together

Starting The Process
ESS will be sharing some confidential information and will ask the Homebuilder to sign a non-Disclosure Agreement
Visit Us
We encourage the Homebuilder to visit the Whisper Valley community in Austin, Texas which is our flagship ESS community. It is fully operational, and we would look forward to showing you the ESS solution in action
Review Floor Plans
ESS will review Homebuilder floor plans and construction details
Homebuilder Agreement
ESS will provide the Homebuilder with an ESS Homebuilder Agreement for review and approval
Optimizing the Home
ESS works with the Homebuilder to optimize all the home designs to be used in the project and provides a specific performance standard for each home design
Pricing Schedule
ESS provides a pricing schedule for the proposed system components for each home Design

What Will The Homebuilder Need

To Agree To And Provide ESS

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