What is an EcoSmart Solution?

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EcoSmart Solution (ESS) is an Energy Services Provider founded in 2014, offering developers of master planned communities and national builders more attainable options for creating energy efficient, smarter and more resilient developments. ESS combines experienced staff in real estate development, energy technology, and renewables to create, finance, deliver and operate sustainable and affordable community infrastructure solutions. This next evolution in land development meets progressive building codes and regional requirements in energy efficiency. ESS reduces your financial risk as a land developer and builder and gives you the ability to create Carbon Neutral communities and even Zero Energy Capable homes! We handle the details of integrating the EcoSmart program in each home of your  community and you reap all the benefits, increasing the value of your project and the velocity of your sales. Building your community and homes on the EcoSmart platform will truly set you apart from the competition.

Designed to work anywhere in North America.

EcoSmart is successful in diverse environments. As an energy service provider our solutions are primarily focused on reducing energy demand in residential and commercial buildings. The ESS platform works well in virtually every area of the US, regardless of location and climate. The system enables homeowners to realize significant savings in heating and cooling costs through the GeoGrid, a shared geothermal loop field energy system, owned and operated by EcoSmart. The generation of the reduced energy demand is provided through integrated Solar Photovoltaic systems. Energy storage and smart energy monitoring can easily be incorporated into the ESS program as well so that each of your residents or tenants are independent from power outages or shortages. The ESS platform may also incorporate electrical vehicle charging to enable the transition to electric mobility. ESS can be applied to residential master-planned communities as well as commercial real estate developments and multi-family projects. EcoSmart Solution recently received the prestigious National Green Builder Media Award for the best Sustainable Innovation 2019 in the U.S.

Now sustainable is Attainable.

In the past, sustainable developments have been challenged as being too expensive, too complicated and too time-consuming. We’ve figured out how to overcome all these issues with EcoSmart. It’s an advanced solution that’s as practical as it is ecological.

EcoSmart offers today’s builders and developers an affordable and sophisticated energy infrastructure that provides benefit as a long-term energy service, so that energy efficiency is not a financial burden for you or your customers. The ESS program creates energy efficiency, independence, and resiliency, creating the sustainable communities of tomorrow today – increasing the value of your development while offering homeowners significant energy savings. The result: highly energy efficient, smart,connected homes at an affordable price.

The result:  highly energy efficient, smart, connected homes at an affordable price.

Featured Community: Austin, Texas


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