Creating a community built around nature
on land that will endure for generations.

Millican Reserve + EcoSmart Solution

EcoSmart Solution and Millican Reserve are both leaders in energy conservation and sustainability. As a green energy services provider, EcoSmart Solution focuses on designing and delivering innovative geothermal infrastructure combined with a comprehensive suite of distributed energy resources. ESS enables developers like Millican Reserve, who are proactive, responsible stewards of the land, to create energy efficient communities and homes.

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Project Overview

The Millican Reserve project spans 2,500 acres of residential, commercial, civic, and open space in Texas’ Brazos Valley. This development in College Station, TX has a vision to be a private sanctuary to escape 21st century life and find wellness in the winding trails, waterfront vistas, and tranquil spaces.

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Phase 1

500+ residential homes with three lot sizes – 50ft, 60ft, 70ft


About EcoSmart Solution

EcoSmart Solution is a Joint Venture of global real estate investment firm Taurus Investment Holdings (TIH) and Shell New Energies, a subsidiary of global energy leader Royal Dutch Shell. Together, we apply our combined 100+ years of experience in financial and real estate acumen with energy technology leadership to every project we undertake. We believe that sustainable real estate investments require sustainable energy solutions.

We’re an innovative and compelling solution. By transforming energy infrastructure investment into a high-value energy service and offering second to none technology; EcoSmart delivers a streamlined platform through our network of strategic partnerships in technology, consumer brands, and more, for builders to craft affordable, net zero energy capable homes.

About The Millican Alliance

The Millican Alliance is dedicated to building healthy community around nature. We are proactive and responsible stewards of the beautiful Brazos Valley landscape, bringing like-minded people together to enjoy what our outdoors has to offer. We operate on the south side of College Station, Texas, and we live our mission first by trading softly on the land. Where possible, we seek low-impact activities which encourage community growth while celebrating the native flora and fauna, and we have carefully selected local partners who share our love for the outside.

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