What is a GeoGrid?

The heart of the EcoSmart solution is the GeoGrid™, a geothermal district system that uses the earth below our feet to heat and cool the home. Installed during the earliest phases of development, the GeoGrid™ is a community-wide utility, similar to water, sewer, and electric lines.

What makes EcoSmart homes energy-efficient is the geothermal technology. EcoSmart uses geothermal technology combined with other renewable energy resources, like solar panels. On a large scale, The GeoGrid™, which interconnects all homes in the community, provides greater resiliency and cost-effectiveness than individual and isolated geothermal systems.

The Energy Center

Acting like a beating heart to circulate geothermal water throughout the community. The cooling towers provide additional cooling to help regulate the GeoGrid™ temperature during the warmest periods of the year.

EcoNOC Digital energy management platform

EcoSmart Solution is developing a proprietary cloud-based data visualization & analytics platform that works directly with our EcoSmart technology. The EcoNOC platform monitors the EcoSmart infrastructure and distributed resources. The system will also provide value to EcoSmart customers through individualized energy reporting. It optimizes operations and provides preventive maintenance and services.

Geothermal Heat Pump

These pumps transfer heat to and from the ground through plastic pipes called “Ground Loops.” These loops are buried below the frost line where the temperature is consistent. These geothermal loops distribute ground heat exchangers that are dedicated to meeting the thermal energy needs of each individual home.

Our Impact

Our environment benefits from the use of geothermal energy. Geothermal heat pumps reduce energy consumption for space conditioning by up to 70%. Over 30 years, one EcoSmart home saves the environment from greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 45.8 vehicles driven for one year, 23,868 gallons of gasoline consumed, and 27+ million smartphones charged.

Solar PV System

Our utility-grade designed Solar PV System generates enough power to offset most or all of your power bill. EcoSmart analyzed your home prior to construction and determined the size of each system. Homeowners can then monitor all solar energy production and consumption.

GeoGrid™ & Infrastructure

The GeoGrid™ infrastructure is installed well before homes are constructed. The boreholes are drilled in excess of 300 feet below the surface proving the GeoGrid™ access to the constant temperature of the earth. The consistent temperature means the earth's temperature provides each home with highly efficient cooling during hot summer days and heating during cold winter nights.

How does the GeoGrid™ affect the environment?

GeoGridssignificantly reduce energy consumption with no adverse effect on the environment. EcoSmart Solution is able to create sustainable energy solutions for a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle while contributing to the health of our planet.