Welcome home: Whisper Valley is a sustainable version of a ‘throwback’ neighborhood

Nestled far east between Austin and Manor, Whisper Valley is a quiet, tight-knit community that is united through sustainability, neighborly values and a firm commitment to camaraderie.

Whisper Valley has created a new type of community—one that actually saves energy during the winter storm and “driven by the inspiration to do the right thing.” Though it may be a little far from the city center, Whisper Valley developers predict the 2,067-acre will be well-known for its unconventional method in the coming years.

Driving through the community, you’re bound to notice the array or solar panels on every home and the quiet ambiance. What you won’t see is the underground geothermal system that keeps the community running up to 70% more efficiently and uses a small fraction of the energy that a similar development would.