What Is Geothermal Technology?

In working towards creating a more sustainable way of living, the reality we’re faced with is that we need to become more cognizant of conserving our Earth’s resources. One way we can give back and help preserve our earth is through the use of geothermal technology.  

Through this technology and the construction of more energy-efficient homes, we’re able to use renewable resources to generate electricity. This, in turn, decreases our carbon footprint and contributes to a much more sustainable way of living. 

So, let’s explore what geothermal technology is and how it can build a sustainable future.


Geothermal Technology

This technology enables us to harness the Earth’s natural source of heat. When looking beneath the Earth’s surface, the temperature there remains almost constant. Unlike how we experience changes in weather patterns during the respective seasons.  

Going further beneath the Earth’s surface, we notice an increase in the temperature. This is especially perceptible when there’s volcanic activity, which results in higher temperatures in steam and water that can be felt closer to the surface.

With geothermal technology, we harness this heat to generate clean power. Currently, there are three types of technologies making use of the Earth’s natural heat as a source of energy. 

Direct-Use Geothermal Systems

Direct-use geothermal systems utilize groundwater that is naturally heated underneath the Earth’s surface. This water can reach temperatures higher than 200°F, especially in areas with high levels of volcanic activity.

The hot water is suitable for many large-scale applications. It can heat pools, provide on-demand hot water for buildings, and for space heating. 

Deep Geothermal Systems

Deep geothermal systems harness steam far below the Earth’s surface for applications that need extremely high temperatures. This type of system involves drilling deep into the Earth’s surface to capture the steam. 

Geothermal Exchange

Last, but not least, is ground source heating. This type of geothermal technology is what Ecosmart Solution homes use and applies more to smaller-scale, residential use so that people can heat and cool their homes or buildings. 

These systems consist of a series of underground pipes connected to a heat pump. Ground source heat pumps use the natural differences in temperatures between subsurface soil and above-ground air to transfer heat. These systems can heat water as well as provide heating and cooling for living spaces. So, there’s no more need for air conditioners and heating systems that use a lot of power. 

The Benefits Of Geothermal Technology

Now that we know more about geothermal technology and its various applications, let’s take a look at the benefits these systems offer.

It’s Evolving At A Steady Pace

We are becoming more advanced in how geothermal energy can be used, resulting in increased exploration and research in this field. This has led to an advancement in the technologies devised to develop and enhance energy processes.  

Over the last decade we have seen a steady rise in the number of geothermal projects across the globe. There’s also been an increase in geothermal well drilling, creating efficiencies, and, as the technology improves, there’ll be a decrease in costs which is a big advantage!

Exponential Potential

Have you ever given thought to what energy consumption is worldwide? At present, predictions are that it’s roughly around 15 terawatts! To put that into perspective, if a household light bulb is about 100 watts, that’s 150 billion light bulbs being used at the same time!  

The available geothermal sources and the potential for them to be more widely used therefore create a great opportunity. As more people start to install geothermal energy systems to power their homes, the global consumption of power will drop. 

It’s Sustainable And Renewable

When looking at the construction of sustainable homes, geothermal energy is a much more reliable source when compared to its counterparts (solar and wind power). This is because it is always available for use. The Earth’s hot reservoirs naturally replenish, meaning we won’t exhaust this source of energy.

Geothermal Energy Is Environmentally Friendly 

One of its main advantages is that it contributes positively to the environment since it’s a renewable source of energy. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted through the use of this technology is considerably less than that emitted by a natural-gas power plant.  

Fossil fuels and coal rely on onerous extraction methods, which causes existential harm to the subterranean environment. Not to mention how they negatively affect the Earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  

As geothermal energy is a natural energy source, it puts far less pressure on the environment. This means reducing the carbon footprint, which is a notable advantage when thinking long-term. Unequivocally, geothermal energy is a much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution.  

The Future Of Sustainable Housing

As the world moves toward placing an emphasis on sustainable living, it’s time to bring the concept home. Literally. By using geothermal systems to heat and cool our homes, we can move toward a more eco-friendly way of life and reduce our carbon footprints. 

EcoSmart Solution, with our innovative designs, creates zero-energy capable homes using geothermal technology. We provide eco-homes that are zero-energy capable so that you can reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint at the same time.  And through the use of geothermal technology, we’re able to build home solutions that have heating and cooling systems with the least possible carbon emissions.  

When thinking about the future of how building homes will evolve, it’s important to educate yourself about the impact on the environment as well as the savings homeowners can benefit from. For example, with a geothermal heat pump, you can save up to 65% on your electricity bill!

The future of energy-efficient houses means sustainable solutions and zero-energy capable systems. It’s no longer just about a nice-looking house at a good price, but rather more about how it contributes to a sustainable future.


The Bottom Line

Each of us has a role to play in preserving our planet. By building sustainable, eco-friendly homes, we at EcoSmart Solution play our role as leading providers of eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. 

With more energy-efficient housing thanks to geothermal technologies, we believe that we can change the future. So, it’s time to get on board!