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EcoSmart Solution (ESS) is a renewable energy service provider, integrating sustainable infrastructure technology in Master Planned Communities and other real estate developments.

We believe that new real estate investments should strive for eco-friendly technical solutions. It is not just because it’s the right thing to do, it also makes sound financial sense. Building codes are requiring Homebuilders and Developers to meet increasingly aggressive energy efficiency standards. This can be expensive and impact the affordability and viability of real estate projects. EcoSmart provides and finances energy efficiency infrastructure solutions for Developers to overcome these challenges in selected markets in the United States.

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Ecosmart Delivers A Streamlined Platform

Through our team of experts and a unique network of strategic partnerships in technology, consumer brands, engineering services, and more, we empower Developers in crafting affordable, zero-energy capable communities.

EcoSmart developed an innovative, applied strategy to create zero-energy capable homes as the new standard to the U.S. housing market and drive the electrification of the energy infrastructure in Master Planned Communities. EcoSmart is further enhancing our offerings to Developers, Homebuilders, and Homeowners in support of clean energy solutions.


The heart of the EcoSmart program is the GeoGrid™, a geothermal district system that uses the earth below our feet to heat and cool the home.


Approved-solar vendors install a high-quality Solar PV system bringing utility-grade design and analysis to every homeowner.


The Ecosmart System works with your schedule to balance your energy consumption. Monitor and manage your energy. Maximize how it is used.


Powering your life with smart, clean, and safe home energy systems. Be an energy pioneer and power your home with cleaner energy.


EcoSmart stays ahead of the curve by offering EV Charging station as an optional built-in for all ESS homes


Using smart home technology, products are designed to optimize energy use.


A geothermal pump uses thermal energy stored in our GeoGrid™ to heat and cool the house using standard ducted ventilation.


The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured.


For Us To Work Together?

Non-Disclosure Agreement.
We will be sharing some confidential information with you and will ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Visit The Whisper Valley Community.
We encourage you to visit the Whisper Valley community in Austin, Texas which is our flagship EcoSmart community. It is fully operational, and we would look forward to showing you EcoSmart Solution in action. We can arrange for you to meet with some of our homebuilders and homeowners to get first-hand knowledge of their experience with the EcoSmart.
Letter Of Intent
We will do some initial homework on you and your potential project. If we both feel there is good chemistry and a solid opportunity, we will provide you with a Letter of Intent (LOI) for your review and approval. The LOI will layout the business terms for our venture and become the basis for the legal agreements to follow.
Feasibility Analysis
Once the LOI is agreed upon, EcoSmart will conduct a detailed Feasibility Analysis. We will evaluate your project from several perspectives: technical, financial, marketability, site conditions, and entitlements.
Initial Energy Evaluation
We will also perform an initial energy evaluation including a geotechnical survey of the thermal conductivity and capacity for the site.
Preliminary Legal Agreements
Combined, the above allow EcoSmart to determine the optimal strategy and implementation program for your project. During the Feasibility Analysis, we will provide you preliminary legal agreements based on the LOI for your review. The Feasibility Analysis is an investment in the community and EcoSmart will ask the Developer to share in the costs of the analysis. EcoSmart will reimburse the Developer for this cost upon the execution of the EcoSmart-Developer agreement.
Becoming Energy Partners
Upon a successful Feasibility Analysis, we will work with you to finalize and execute the necessary legal agreements. We then will be your energy partner and get to work on implementing the EcoSmart Solution for your project.

What ESS Provides

For The Homebuilders

ESS will work with each of your Homebuilders to evaluate their home designs for energy efficiency and constructability using HERS ratings (target of HERS 25 in Whisper Valley). ESS will create a specific performance standard for the Homebuilders and will provide a package of system components to be purchased by the Homebuilder that generally includes the following:

  1. Geothermal heat pump
  2. Solar photovoltaic system
  3. ESS energy management platform/Google Nest
  4. Energy-efficient appliances
  5. Energy Storage (optional)
  6. EV Charging (optional)
  7. ESS will work with the Homebuilder to make sure system components are competitively priced.
  8. ESS will provide a transferable vendor warranty to the Homebuyers for system components purchased.
  9. ESS will provide a specific marketing and education strategy to support sales and after-sales services. 
  10. ESS will design, install and operate the community-wide GeoGrid without any additional costs for the Homebuilder
  11. ESS will design an energy management system to be installed in every home to improve energy efficiency and optimize performance
  12. ESS technical staff will work with the Homebuilder to evaluate home designs and floor plans to improve energy efficiency and constructability.
  13. Work to achieve a HERS rating of 25 or less for every home built with the ESS system
  14. ESS will provide a competitively priced package of ESS system components
  15. ESS will provide a transferable vendor warranty to the Homebuyers for system components
  16. ESS will provide a specific marketing and education strategy to support sales and after-sales services
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What ESS Provides

For The Homeowners

  1. ESS will provide the Homeowners with an information kit, access to an ESS community-specific web site, and customer service to address questions and concerns on operating their new home.
  2. Currently, each Homeowner qualifies for federal tax credits (ITC) which can exceed $10,000 in income tax deductible rebates.
  3. ESS will operate and maintain the GeoGrid™ system for the benefit of the Homeowners.
  4. ESS will install software on the energy system to monitor and track heat pump operation, energy usage, and patterns. This information will be used to optimize system operation.
  5. ESS will provide the Homeowner with an energy monitoring mobile app to visualize and track their energy consumption with data privacy and usage policy.
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