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Austin Business Journal Explains Why Stubborn Summer Heat Has EcoSmart Solution on the Brain

Texas has experienced record temperatures this season, causing locals concern about losing power. The Whisper Valley community, a partner of EcoSmart Solution, faces nothing of the type!

With a ground source heat pump, both heating and cooling the home prove much more efficient. These systems utilize water rather than air as a means to transfer heat; leaning on the consistency of earth’s stable temperatures makes them extremely reliable. 

Zero-energy capable structures such as these – produce most of the energy they consume (read more about the Home Energy Rating System Index here), making them optimal real estate for anyone interested in eco-conscious living. Greg Wolfson, Chief Technology Officer at EcoSmart Solution claims, “some are actually below ten, which is very close to being true net-zero energy. This collection of homes is setting a new standard for sustainable efforts. 

When complete, Whisper Valley will include 7,500 single and multi-family homes along with schools, emergency services, commercial spaces, and significant open green space. 

To read more about how EcoSmart Solution is making an impact by lessening the strain on our state grid and providing more zero-energy capable housing to the community, take a look at the following article (subscription required) in Austin Business Journal.