EcoSmart Featured in Fast Company

EcoSmart was recently featured in Fast Company’s article titled, “Houses in this Texas development pay just $1 a month in energy bills. Here’s how“. The article talks about our GeoGrid technology and sustainability, along with how it keeps up during extreme weather conditions. Read the first part of the article below:

“When uncommonly cold weather hit Texas in February 2021, the surge in energy demand knocked out the power grid, leaving millions of people without electricity or heat for days. The so-called Snowpocalypse was a catastrophe that left an estimated 58 people dead. For a few hundred residents in the east Austin subdivision Whisper Valley, though, the cold streak barely registered. While their neighbors across the state suffered, Whisper Valley residents had heat thanks to some very deep holes dug beneath their homes.

The houses in Whisper Valley, a development of about 200 homes, are powered by what’s being called a geogrid–an electricity-generating network using geothermal energy from deep below the surface of the earth. It’s a new way to think about powering neighborhoods. As extreme weather gets more destructive, it may also be a way for communities to withstand their own version of Snowpocalypse.”