Healthy Living with EcoSmart

An EcoSmart home is not just a smart house, it’s a way of life! On top of our energy efficient solutions, we want to make sure we’re doing our part to help everyone live a happier, healthier life. Here’s how EcoSmart brings you healthy living in the comfort of your own home.

Geothermal Air Filtration

An EcoSmart home with geothermal heating and cooling provides better air filtration and air circulation. This creates a healthier living environment that can help alleviate pollen and other allergens from coming in and making you sick. How does it do this? Geothermal systems, already built with your home, use a pump to exchange heat with the Earth to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. The pump also makes it easier for the air to circulate throughout your home everyday and doesn’t become worn out easily over time. 

Solar Panels 

Solar panels are a great green energy source. Regular energy sources spit out a mass amount of air pollutants. These pollutants, such as nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and emissions, can cause health problems. Solar panels, not so much. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that among reducing all the said pollutants, a widespread input of solar results in fewer cases of chronic bronchitis and respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Now imagine what a whole neighborhood full of solar panels could do for you and your neighbors health!

Energy Efficient Appliances

All EcoSmart homes are made ready with energy efficient appliances. These appliances aren’t put in just for looks or neat features, but for the benefits of healthy living. Energy efficient appliances help reduce your carbon footprint since they have lower emissions than your average household appliances. Along with reducing emissions, these appliances are more convenient. Most of these appliances will only need a lesser replacement and maintenance over time, saving you time, energy and money.

Community Living

The communities that EcoSmart creates also enhance all our neighbors’ lives. We create a mixed community of families from all different walks of life. We want to connect our neighbors and by feeling this connection, you’ll find a healthier you. 


From the Geothermal Air Filtration, to our sense of community, EcoSmart does our best to help you live a healthier lifestyle. By having a home that has all these energy saving qualities, you’re already helping your planet, neighbors, and yourself. Healthy Living isn’t just a cost effective choice, it’s also a healthy, smart choice. 

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