EcoSmart Homes Vs. Standard Homes

EcoSmart homes are more than just a place to live. They’re a place where you can feel good about saving energy, saving money, and saving the environment. Now you may ask yourself, what is the big deal about an EcoSmart house? What sets it apart from an everyday home? We’ve created a side-by-side comparison to help illustrate it clearly.


ESS Certified HomeStandard Home
HERS rating of 25 or less (Zero Energy Capable)HERS rating of 60 or more
Average annual energy savings of $1,250 or moreNo energy savings
Protection vs. future energy cost increasesNo protection
Higher initial home purchase costs and higher monthly paymentsLower initial purchase cost and lower monthly payments
Higher cost offset by monthly energy savingsNo energy cost savings
ESS operates and maintains the GeoGridNo GeoGrid
Federal Tax Credit, currently $7,000 to $12,000No Tax Credit
Home complies with current and future building codesMandatory efficiency upgrades are possible due to future building codes
Ground source heat pumps have a longer life, 20 years+less frequent replacement cost or less, significant replacement costAir source heat pumps have a shorter life, 10 years
Smart thermostats help optimize energy behaviorConventional thermostats, you are on your own
Integrated ESS energy monitoring, service, and management systemNo similar system or service
Able to monitor your energy usage in real-timeFind out when you get your bill at month-end
Higher resale valueLower resale value
No outside condenser units, all equipment in the homeNeed outside condenser units, exposed to the weather
Quiet exterior – no noisy condensersExterior noise pollution
Battery energy storage systems work with the Ground-Source Heat Pumps that can reduce the peak energy demandBattery storage is an option, but it’s often expensive and not layered with other energy-efficient systems 
Integration of EV charger is an easy optionEV charger, not a typical option
Significant de-CarbonizationUses fossil fuels and adds carbon to the environment
State of the Art systemSame old technology
Makes a difference for our environmentIs part of the problem, not the solution

In Conclusion

EcoSmart is the home of an environmentalists’ dream. An EcoSmart home opens up your eyes to all the ways that our homes can be better. Together, we can create a world of net-zero capable homes that help our environment for the long haul. Have questions or want to partner with EcoSmart? Contact us today!